“Be part of something bigger than yourself.”

Thank you for your interest in organizing a Dignity Matter’s collection point. Your support makes real difference!

Who can host a collection point for donations of bras, tampons and sanitary napkins?

Any small or big business, retail shop, school, organization, hospital, medical office, club, religious institution, etc. As long as you have a physical address (not a PO Box or a residential address), you can host a Dignity Matter’s collection point! You can choose to do so permanently, or join register for April 2017, of our one month-month long, huge state-wide collection.

You can register below as a collection point for the general public, or as an internal collection point just for your staff, members or colleagues. If you are an individual, and you would like to collect items for us, please click here.

In what capacity are you organizing the collection? (required)
 Public Collection Internal Collection

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