“Do something for someone who can never repay you. It feels good”.

Make Dignity Matters part of your 2017/18 Corporate Social Responsibility too! How does the program work?

It is simple, but effective. Dignity Matters, a Boston based nonprofit, organizes a permanent collection point within your office (for example in your mother’s room or a bathroom) where women can easily donate feminine hygiene products and underwear for local women in severe hardship. 

With a permanent collection bin in your office (minimum 6 months), we strive to create a ‘buy one, give one’ mentality: when purchasing their own feminine hygiene products each month, women spend few more dollars and purchase an additional item which they can simply drop off at work, in a designated Dignity Matters box. We also collect new and gently used bras which can be donated in the same box as the feminine hygiene products. 

When the box is full, we collect it and deliver it to a local homeless shelter or a food pantry. After the delivery, we update your company as to where exactly your donations went, to show your employees the IMPACT their generosity has on the lives of women in need. 

The partnership program is FREE for your company – we cover all costs related to the pick-up and the delivery of the donated items to the shelter.

We also add highlight your great work on our Facebook page.

To make Dignity Matters part of your 2017/18 Corporate Social Responsibility contact: kate@dignity-matters.org