“Go the extra mile. It is never crowded.”

Organizing a donation drive is a fantastic way to get involved, and collect tons of bras, underwear, or female sanitary products!

It can be as easy as collecting items from your friends via Facebook, organizing a small crowd sourcing/donation campaign, or having a collection box and asking your neighbors/friends/community to donate. However you do it, your efforts will hugely benefit women in need. Every single bra or pack of sanitary products helps.

All collections of 250 packs of sanitary products or 250 bras will get a personal mention and thank you on our website and Facebook! We will also send you a small Dignity Matters gift to thank you for your good heart and contribution. Let’s do it together on behalf of other women who need our support!

You can host a donation drive as an individual, or as a group. All types of groups, organizations and institutions can get involved (for example):

  • Mother Groups, Social Groups, Groups of Friends
  • Schools and Preschools Groups/Fraternities and other students’ organizations
  • Political Groups, Community Groups, Book Clubs, 
  • Sport Teams/Clubs, Hobby Groups, Hospitals
  • Businesses
  • Religious Groups and other

Most women have bras they do not use anymore, and will be sympathetic to other women in severe hardship and may donate female sanitary products. Most donation drives are extremely successful.

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