10 Million Moments of Dignity for Women in Need

Last week, Dignity Matters reached a milestone in our fight against period poverty: we have distributed more than 10 MILLION free menstrual care items and undergarments to women and girls in Massachusetts since 2016.

In 2023 alone, Dignity Matters has distributed over 3 million products – and more than 6 million items in just the last 2 years.

“When I started collecting menstrual care in my basement 7 years ago, I could not have imagined what Dignity Matters would become. What we have achieved together is truly amazing.”

– Kate Sanetra-Butler, Founder and Executive Director

And it has indeed been a team effort: every one of those 10 million items has been donated by our community or purchased at wholesale with your generous financial contributions. Our volunteers have delivered more than 1 million items in their personal vehicles, and others have spent hundreds of hours organizing them into care packages for the 15,000 women and girls we support each month.

Volunteers help Dignity Matters collect, pack, and distribute menstrual care items.

Efforts like the IAM Bill may one day provide additional funding and support to fight period poverty in Massachusetts. But for now, Dignity Matters is the only reliable source of menstrual care for most of the 15,000 women and girls we support each month.

“One day, we hope universal free access to menstrual care means Dignity Matters doesn’t need to exist. But right now the need is massive, and with your support we’ll continue to help women and girls live with dignity.”

– Meryl Glassman, Development Director

To our board members, staff, and hundreds of volunteers, our corporate partners and everyone that has donated products or packed menstrual care kits: we thank you and we celebrate your role in making a difference to thousands of women and girls.

Please continue to share your time, your talents, and your generous support with Dignity Matters. Together this holiday season, we can give women and girls a truly priceless gift – the gift of dignity.