“If you can’t help a hundred homeless, then just help one…” 

Donating feminine hygiene products is a very practical and personal way to help a woman in severe hardship. Every box of donated feminine hygiene products offers a woman a healthier and more dignified life.

We accept any type, size, and brand of tampons, pads, panty liners and menstrual cups; the higher absorbency, the better. Overnight pads, maxi pads, and maternity pads are the most practical and sought after by homeless women. If you have an open box that you would like to donate, we are happy to accept it as long as the pads or the tampons are individually wrapped.

Best ways to donate feminine hygiene products?

1. Use our Amazon Wish List. The sanitary products will be delivered quickly and directly to us to provide to women in need. 

2. Purchase feminine hygiene products, and mail them to us:

Dignity Matters, Inc.
PO Box 72
Wayland, MA, 01778

You can also drop off the items at our permanent collection bin at:

18 Overlook Rd.
Arlington, MA, 02474

19 Barney Hill Rd
Wayland, MA, 01778                  

4904 Battey St
Savannah GA, 31405

If you are including a monetary donation, please make your check payable to Dignity Matters, Inc.

3. If you are located in MA, and have a large number of feminine hygiene products to donate, please contact us at info@dignity-matters.org to arrange a drop-off site in your area.