Dignity Matters Volunteer Judi Locke Recognized by the New England Patriots Foundation as Difference Maker of the Week

Dignity Matters Volunteer Judi Locke

Framingham Chapter Leader Judith (Judi) Locke was recognized last week as the New England Patriots Foundation’s Difference Maker of the Week!

Judi has volunteered at Dignity Matters for 6 years, working hard to raise awareness and support for our work. She started by collecting products at her home in Framingham and encouraging businesses she frequents to host drives. Judi arranged for 2 of our first community bins at local Starbucks Coffee shops, and the employees have been so impressed by her commitment that the Starbucks Neighborhood Foundation (which relies on employee nominations) has awarded Dignity Matters several grants on her behalf.

At our warehouse, Judi regularly helps pack for distribution, refurbish gently used bras, and inventory donations. Judi and her husband own a laundromat, and they wash many of the thousands of gently used bras we receive each year. Each week Judi sorts and hooks hundreds of bras by hand, and after they are washed and dried she separates any tangles and delivers them back to Dignity Matters, ready to be refurbished and packed for women in need.

The pandemic was challenging for all our volunteers – but Judi was one of the first to “mask up” so she could continue to help. At a time when demand for free menstrual care grew exponentially, she went above and beyond to make sure women could still get these items. Judi even delivered boxes through a window at the Sudbury Food Pantry to reduce exposure and keep their staff and clients safe.

Judi delivers menstrual care to the Sudbury Food Pantry during the pandemic

Since we started our Dignity Matters NOW Auction in 2020, Judi has secured gift cards and other donations from dozens of local restaurants and businesses. Judi is responsible for many of the great items available at the 2023 Dignity Matters NOW Auction (register today – bidding starts September 26).

Judi will be the first to tell you that she is dislikes asking people for things – but says, “Dignity Matters is so entrenched in my heart that I push aside that fear of asking because I know the difference it will make to these women and girls.” 

A former teacher, Judi is still incredibly active in retirement; she is passionate about helping students learn to read and volunteers regularly with the Greater Boston Jewish Coalition for Literacy.

When asked how and why she does so much, Judi shared “I’m a very positive person, and I like helping people.” Judi has been inspired by her mother, who she vividly remembers supporting a friend who was dealing with severe mental health issues. “I remember her encouraging her friend, telling her ‘You can do this!’ and ‘People are here to help you.’ I have seen the difference she made and I know I’m here to help, too.”

All of us at Dignity Matters are incredibly grateful to Judi for her commitment to helping women and girls in need, and so happy and proud that her efforts and her impact have been recognized by the Patriots Foundation.

If you are interested in volunteering at Dignity Matters, visit our Volunteer page to learn more or sign up for a shift at our warehouse!