What does the money I donate end up being used for?

We are an organization run 100% by unpaid volunteers, which means that 100% of your donation goes to supporting women with the products they need most. Donated money is used to purchase either basic female sanitary products or undergarments to assist women in severe hardship. For more information, please click here.

Who can I talk to about volunteering with Dignity Matters?

We would love to talk to you about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved! Please send an email to info@dignity-matters.org and we will get back to you shortly.

Why should I support this organization when there are so many other people in need?

There are many ways to help others, and many of them are also important. Dignity Matters is about supporting women with items they cannot access otherwise, which is unlike many other needs such as clothes or food. Dignity Matters is about making an instant improvement for women. Your donation of female sanitary products or a bra is a very tangible, practical way to lift up a woman in hardship. It doesn’t get any more basic, or directly impactful, to offer another woman a bra or a tampon when she simply doesn’t have one, and can’t afford it.

How can I get help to women outside Massachusetts (MA) and Rhode Island (RI)?

We are currently supporting women in MA and RI, but if you would like to join our team, and deliver assistance to women in your community in a different state, please contact us.

How can my school/organization/club get involved in the most meaningful way?

The best way to get involved is to organize a donation drive or a collection poinfor the general public. Donation drives are usually very successful, and they also raise awareness of the Dignity Matters cause.  

Do you work directly with women in need?

We provide donated products directly to women by partnering with shelters and food pantries, as well as social workers who directly assist women in need. This approach ensures that all products get to the women who need them most.

Is Dignity Matters affiliated with a religious or government organization?

No. We are an independent non-profit organization supporting all women regardless of their background.

What kind of underwear are you accepting?

We accept all types, sizes, and brands of underwear, as long as it is new with tags. We also accept gently used bras. Click here to find out more. 

What kind of female sanitary products are you accepting?

We accept all types of sanitary pads and tampons. Packs of pads or tampons can be open too – as long as they are individually sealed. Click here to find out more. 

I would like to donate a bra/s or sanitary products, but how can I avoid the costs of shipping? What is the most cost effective way to help out?

The most cost effective way to help out is to send a check to Dignity Matters. With your monetary donation we will be able to purchase items from a wholesaler, for a fraction of the retail cost. That way every dollar buys more.

Another way to support our cause, is to purchase the items via our Amazon Wish List.

If you are sending just few items via USPS, try to use an envelope instead of a box to save money (bras, panties, and tampons are usually light, and not too bulky).

If you live close to Wayland, MA, please contact us to arrange a drop off point close to you.

Why aren’t people more aware of the needs that Dignity Matters is addressing?

In large part because the topic of menstruation is rarely discussed publicly. Similarly, we do not see or hear about poor women’s underwear needs. Homeless women are, by and large, ‘invisible’, so we tend not to think about them much.  All of these issues are examples of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

However, the lack of public awareness doesn’t make these issues any less real or acute for those who suffer because of its consequences. There is a huge need here, but also a very simple way to make an immediate difference to thousands of homeless women, so please consider joining Dignity Matters to raise awareness of the issue, and be part of the solution.

How do I stay updated on what Dignity Matters is doing?

Please ‘like’ us and follow us on Facebook, or LinkedIn.

How can I get my company involved?

Getting your company involved is an excellent way to give back, by providing your colleagues with an easy yet impactful way to support their local community. Please click here for Corporate Partnership information.

How does Dignity Matters decide which women to provide support to?

We ‘think global, but act local’ which means, at this point, we only support Massachusetts and Rhode Island based women’s shelters. We are in communication with local shelters and respond to their particular needs. 

If you work at a shelter for women, and you need our support, please send us a message at info@dignity-matters.org.