“The heart that gives, gathers”…

THANK YOU very much Linda from Sharon for your generous donation. Your gift will touch many women’s lives and help further Dignity Matters’ mission to restore dignity among homeless girls and women in need.




Incredible things happen when incredible people come together to help a worthy cause!

Our Wellesley Chapter Leader Andrea Schneider (on the left), with the support of the generous Wellesley community, organized a series of collection drives in Wellesley over the last two months and delivered almost 7,500 items to Dignity Matters. This is wonderful news as the need for feminine hygiene products, bras and underwear is only growing with the growing rate of homelessness in Massachusetts. Andreas’ hard work and dedication, together with the support of the institutions listed below yielded a result that will allow Dignity Matters to deliver items not both: homeless shelters for women and public schools in impoverished areas of the state where young girls routinely suffer from the lack of access to pads and tampons when at school. We applaud you Andrea and Wellesley. Please see below the list of all places that organized the collections with Andrea and most likely will support her again in our fall drive for dignity! Thank you!

Dignity Matters’ Spring Drive. At H.Y.P Studio, Wellesley.

1. Wellesley High School

2. Wellesley Hills Women’s Junior Club

3. Women’s Business Group (WBG)

4. The Bar Method

5. Pure Barre

6. Studio Fitness and Dance

7. Prime Wellesley and Wayland (formally Get in Shape for Women)

8. H.Y.P Studio

9. B/Spoke

10. FLX Training

11. Fitness Together

B/Spoke, Dignity Matters Spring Collection, Wellesley, 2017

Pongratz Family from Wayland delivers amazing results.

This time we would love to send a special ‘thank you’ to the Pongratz Family from Wayland, who pulled together to support our mission. Isabel Pongratz (middle) learned about us from an article in the Wayland Patch, and she raised her hand to help by running a drive at Wheaton College where she’s currently studying. Along with her auntie (right), who organized a drive with some friends at her church, the two ladies donated well over 3000 feminine hygiene products plus bras and toiletries.

Judy Pongratz (left) is Isabel’s mom, and she has also joined our mission, and has quickly pulled together a Quality Assurance team which makes sure that the bras we deliver to shelters are all in perfect shape and condition by inspecting the donated bras, and if required carrying out minor repairs to bring them back to as-new condition! We are very lucky to have such a beautiful family in our community!


Longfellow Club in Natick holds ongoing drives in support of Dignity Matters. Year to date they have collected over 1500 feminine hygiene products, over 150 bras and counting! We thank Longfellow Club for all their love and support. We encourage all women to think of purchasing an extra box of feminine products and donate to a woman in need.

In April, Wayland Creative Preschool and their Director, Susanne Giger, hosted a donation drive for Dignity Matters and the response from the community of Wayland Creative Families was amazing.  Collectively the families of Wayland Creative Preschool donated 1,070 tampons and pads, 25 bras, 5 pairs of new panties and few pieces of toiletries. This is enough to supply 4 women for the entire year with the feminine hygiene products, or almost 50 women for a month.  All items will be donated to Sage House and Drop in Center for Homeless People in Framingham, MA. The bras will be distributed (and fitted) on the 27th May during our event at On The Raise shelter for women in Cambridge. Thank you very much Wayland Creative Preschool!

Fit FRIENDzy studio in Shrewsbury have joined us and our efforts to support homeless women with feminine hygiene products and underwear. We want to especially thank Pamela Renzetti, Lauren Demers and Heather Gibb who ran this donation drive that collected over 250 items which will benefit homeless girls in Framingham and Cambridge in May (mostly boxes of tampons and pads, as well as bras and panties)! It is wonderful to see this intimate fitness studio joining our mission!

Huge shout out and thank you to Brenda from Bradford, MA for organizing and hosting a brunch in support of Dignity Matters! With the support of Brenda and her friends, they collected over 1100 pads, 680 tampons, 53 bras and 138 new pairs of panties (plus new sleepers and toiletries).

We would love to thank Wayland Garden Club, Pat Riseman (who initiated the drive) and all of the club members for generously supporting Dignity Matters in April 2017. The collection of the items was organized during the Club’s annual Luncheon and the members donated: 1100 tampons, 810 pads, 104 bras, 40 new pairs of underpants and other items such as slippers, stockings, etc. Thank you also to all members who supported our mission through monetary donations.

Today we’d like to share the impressive work of Ivylee Martinez and her daughters (from Natick, MA), who along with support from the Natick Mom’s Group, collected items for Dignity Matters in March.

Through personal and public drives, including at Natick Library, Natick Stop & Shop and Natick Roch Brothers, Ivylee and the Natick community collected over 8,000 feminine hygiene products, over 250 bras and 129 pairs of new panties. All donations will benefit homeless girls and women in Massachusetts shelters. Way to go!

Thank you Ivylee, and we salute the community of Natick, MA!

On the  2nd of April Dignity Matters was generously hosted by Energy Fitness & Gymnastics in Natick to offer families with children an opportunity to come together, have fun, and support  Dignity Matters’ mission. We collected donated feminine hygiene products, underwear and money which will benefit local homeless women and girls. Energy Fitness believes in the power of community engagement through charitable initiatives that support people in need, and we would like to thank them for partnering with us in bringing this wonderful event to the local Metro-West community.

Over 50 families attended the event where almost $600 and 100s of feminine hygiene products, bras and underwear were donated. This is enough to directly support 110 local women with new bras and to supply feminine hygiene products to a local shelter.

Stop & Shop in Wayland, visited by over 10,000 people a week partnered with Dignity Matters from 8th of March (International Women’s Day) until the end of the month. Thank you to the management of the shop for supporting our mission, and to everyone who donated!

Huge thank you to A.E.I.O.U organization and its founder Alissa Kissell from Wayland, MA for organizing successful collections in Wayland and Lincoln, MA (Lincoln Nursery Preschool) and for supporting us with >$500 check. Alissa also supported our wonderful work at Women’s Lunch Place in Boston. Thank you! Similarly, thank you to St Andrews Episcopal Church in Wellesley, MA for an equally generous monetary donation. The Wayland Book Club joined the efforts in March too, and Longfellow Club in Natick continues the collection. Thank you!

A heartfelt thank you to all individuals and institutions/organizations who donated and keep donating so generously to Dignity Matters. Thank you for monetary donations and the items sent to us – thanks to your generosity we can continue helping homeless women and girls. Each and every item makes a difference in the lives of women we assist. Among individual donations we received in March, there are 72 new pairs of underwear and 72 new bras sent to us by Christine from Bradford! (on the photo below). Thank you Christine and all those who supported our work in the past three months.

Neighbor Brigade partnered with Dignity Matters in February 2017 and delivered 13000 feminine hygiene products, over 450 bras and 400 pairs of new underwear. Chapter Leaders from Bedford, Needham, Franklin, Mansfield, Maynard, Acton, Box Borough and Medway did great job in collecting thousands of products on behalf on Dignity Matters. Products were collected in just two weeks and will benefit homeless girls and women in Massachusetts shelters. Thank you Neighbor Brigade for stepping in and  support our cause.

Thank you to everyone who in February and March hosted a Bra Party for Dignity Matters. We had women from all over Massachusetts hosting breakfast and brunch collections, birthday party and even a wine-tasting collections. Hosting a party in a great way to have fun, show leadership and collect some much needed items: bras, panties, tampons and pads for homeless girls and women.

Let us share with you a picture of Alison from Wayland, MA who collected feminine hygiene products during her birthday party (in lieu of birthday gifts!), and a pic from a brunch collection for Dignity Matters organized by Brenda from Bradford.

Dignity Matters was honored to receive donations at the Broomstones Curling Club, in Wayland, Massachusetts. The event, held on Sunday January 29th yielded some much needed products and monetary donations to help women in need in the Boston area. Thanks to all that attended and gave so thoughtfully.

A special thank you to Lynn Dowd and Marsha Edmunds for organizing the drive at the Club!