Our Mission

Dignity Matters’ mission is to assist homeless women and girls by providing underwear and feminine hygiene products when they need them most. Through our action we support women in regaining self-confidence and dignity by helping them stay healthy and clean.

Redistributing gently used bras is also good for the environment by keeping these items out of landfills.

Our Vision and Beliefs

Our vision is a world where ALL women, school girls are treated with respect and they can manage their period or with dignity and without shame.

In the short term, we strive to provide free tampons, sanitary napkins and underwear to those women and girls who cannot afford or readily access them. Addressing women’s most basic needs is central to improving the quality of their life, which in turn improves the lives of their family and all those around them.

Our long term vision is a world where basic feminine hygiene products are available in all public bathrooms, free of charge, just like toilet paper is (and, incidentally, for similar health and cleanliness reasons). Accomplishing this would bring us a big step closer to achieving true equality, which is imperative for a fair and sustainable world where everyone can thrive.

Working Together

We are an expanding group of volunteers and affiliates who work together to improve women’s lives.

Having underwear and access to feminine hygiene products should not be a privilege in our modern world, indeed it is a necessity, and we believe a basic right.

Working together we can assist a great number of women directly, and help make our vision a reality.